Background/ Project Rationale:

Peenya  Water Sustainability  Zone is an initiative of Karnataka State Water Network to  ensure  the  Water is used effectively and efficiently  by Industries and Residents of Peenya and surrounding areas  and also to  address the Ground water issue in the area  as ground water is highly polluted by industrial operation without proper environmental measures  over several years .   

Benefits from a multi-stakeholder engagement for the initiative:

  • Faster implementation of action plans to reduce further pollution
  • Commitment from stakeholders and not individuals 
  • Better  Monitoring and  involvement 


  • The Initiative led by CII proposes to involve Large /Medium and small scale industries , Peenya Industrial Association / Electroplaters Association/ NGOS / Statutory Bodies like KSPCB/ Dept Of Industries / BBMP / BWSSB / etc. and Residents and Resident Welfare association as stakeholders

Long Term Objectives:

  1. To make Peenya and surrounding area Water Sustainable Zone.
  2. To retain Industrial Operation in Peenya  Industrial area which provides Job Opportunities to thousands of men and women .
  3. Encourage Environmental friendly manufacturing practices to ensure Industrial   area is not polluted. 

Action Plans:

  • Awareness to industries on  resource Conservation / Green Technologies /Water Conservation / Rain Water Harvesting / etc.
  • To coordinate with Authorities to Setup Centralized Effluent Treatment Plant. 
  • To follow up with Authorities for providing suitable sewage lines for leading sewage to STPs for treating, thus avoiding contamination  of Lakes . 


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