Background/ Project Rationale:

  • Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru under the management of BIAL is located in Devanahalli area which is 25 KM away from the city. The area is hydro geologically considered as over exploited area and the annual rainfall also substantially less than the rain fall of Bengaluru. KIAB’s current water requirement is around 3 MLD which will increase along with the proposed development of airport and its commercial area development. Currently BIAL getting its water requirement from BWSSB as well as treating the entire sewerage water for its landscape use. BIAL also has multiple rain water harvesting structures including dug wells within its operational area.
  • In view of the increasing water requirement, it is essential for BIAL to have a comprehensive water management policy, which is not restricted only to BIAL but including its surrounding community. The ambitious mission of BIAL is also to be water positive.  

Benefits from a multi-stakeholder engagement for the initiative:

  • While BIAL is the Major stake holder, involvement of Multi stake holders will bring in an integrated and coordinated approach for the water management to its long term sustainability.


  • BIAL
  • BBMP
  • Surrounding Village panchayats
  • Minor irrigation department etc

Long Term Objectives:

  • Water sustainability for the Devanahalli Airport surrounding
  • Water positive for BIAL 
  • Long term sustainability by proper restoration of lakes around BIAL 

Action Plans:

  • Restoration of abandoned wells at BIAL, Long term rain water harvesting plan for BIAL
  • De-silting of lakes around and creation of proper bunds
  • De-silting of storm water drains outside BIAL
  • Influence Government agencies for measurement of existing ground water levels and extending micro hydro geology for the entire area

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