In almost all urban areas, the demand exceeds the supply and the gap is met through water from bore wells and tanker supplies, which are unsustainable in the long-run. To address this issue, KSWN created an industry led initiative on ‘Water Sustainability Zones’ that brings together disparate stakeholders from various zones to work towards achieving self-sufficiency in water needs. A Water Sustainable Zone (WSZ) is imagined as an urban area within or on the periphery of the city that is partially or completely self-sufficient with regard to its fresh water requirements. It could be an administrative ward OR a cluster of wards, an ecological unit such as an urban water shed area, or any such equivalent. Such a zone can be expected to have a mix of residential, commercial, industrial and other land uses. As a first step, ELCITA BIAL, BEL, Peenya, and Sarjapur have agreed to work on the creation of WSZ in their areas’

BEL Zone (Bharat Electronics Limited)

  • Share rooftop harvesting and groundwater recharge initiatives with employees, who mostly reside around the vicinity of the plant
  • Provide information on BEL’s lake initiative – 10 acre water spread – to employees and set up a waste water treatment plant for Doddabommasandra lake with support from Govt. bodies such as BBMP and LDA to address the 1MLD of water shortage during summer for treated water from the Yelahanka Tertiary Treatment Plant

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ELCITA Zone (Electronics City)

  • Implement water policy in an collaborative, systematic, and integrated way
    • Recharge, Rejuvenate, Reduce – Fix consumption levels, rejuvenate borewells, injection wells along storm water drains.
    • Measurements – metering and water quality testing facilities
    • Governance – Strengthen implementation of water policy through initiatives focusing on enforcement; conservation; communication and awareness building
  • Creation of Lake Development Councils (collaborative group of member companies; builders; panchayats) for each of the lakes in Electronics City – the first such councils will be set up for Doddathagur and Veerasandra lakes in collaboration with NICE; BMRCL and Prestige builders. 

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BIAL Zone (Bangalore International Airport Limited)

  • Conduct a scientific study on water availability and waste water management in the area to enhance the efficacy of current efforts related to rainwater harvesting and improve water recharge potential .
  • Develop the Bettakote Lake with Govt. support, through construction of a bund and regular maintenance, to meet water supply needs in the neighborhood villages.
  • BIAL to plan for additional dug wells scientifically located to improve recharging as well as withdrawal purpose.

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Sarjapur Zone

  • Assess water carrying capacity of the area; develop a groundwater map and involve the community in a collective effort towards water management in the area
  • Explore waste water treatment and reuse opportunities
  • Lake rejuvenation initiatives
  • Storm water management; development and maintenance of recharge pits
  • Meeting with The Confederation of Real Estate Developers' Associations of India (CREDAI) to involve builders and encourage responsible water management by residential complexes.

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Peenya zone

  • Conduct a half day work to involve more stakeholders in the area and explore opportunities for responsible water usage and management in the Peenya zone
  • Collect water and waste water data from the area through an extensive study to inform the design of an appropriate intermediate treatment and water management mechanism

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