Core Purpose of the KSWN:

KSWN is an Industry outreach program to bring together disparate stakeholders, with common interests related to areas of water management

  •  The outreach program consists of an online portal and curated events
  • Stakeholders may include individuals, volunteer groups, academia, non-profits, and Government
  • KSWN does not execute projects but provides resources to facilitate dialogue and partnership for an inclusive approach to water management
  • KSWN seeks to integrate and synergize multiple disparate initiatives – projects, programs, research, and other civil society initiatives – in the field of water The KSWN is an effort to go beyond Industry bounds, to promote environmental action, in water sector.

Structure and Functioning:

Salient features of this initiative are as follows:

  • The functioning of the secretariat for KSWN will be supported by part time resources drawn from Wipro and the CII Karnataka Chapter.
  • KSWN will hold 3-4 curated events every year with clearly articulated themes. Action sub-groups for the execution of key water projects/ initiatives are expected to emerge through these curated events. Guidance to aid such action sub-groups in their projects will be provided by experts from Industry and the CII-Karnataka Water Task Force.
  • KSWN will provide a web based online platform for regular communication, information sharing and ideation between members of action-groups.

Current Initiatives:

  • Water management in Bengaluru: Creation of Sustainable Water Zones
  •  Lake restoration
  • Groundwater management in Bengaluru


  • Industry has to play an active role to further dialogue and action on sustainability, and specifically issues related to water
  • Such an effort should be multi-stakeholder-based by design to ensure collaboration and build on existing efforts in this space; KSWN is Industry’s effort to further such a multi-stakeholder dialogue
  • A network offers a model to bring together stakeholders, strengthen existing initiatives and provide a platform to accentuate impact

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